Monday, May 27, 2013

Update Assistant Name Field in Outlook GAL

Hi Budys,

Today I have faced this problem, So I will share it with you as well.

Issue: -

Unable to update Assistance Name Filed in GAL for Exchange 2003 Users.

Error Message: -

Assistance Name Filed not showing in GAL.

Problem Statement:-

Due to the below miss update users not able to contact his/her assistance prior to his/her Managers.

Resolution: -

We can update assistance name through Exchange Management Shell and ADSIEDIT in AD.
Exchange 2003 & 2010 Users :-

If we receive any ticket/issue for Exchange 2010 Users then we can follow the below process..

Set-User –Identity “ User Name” – AssistantName “ Assistant Name” –TelephoneAssistant “Phone Number”.

After we update the Assistant Name in Exchange still we not able to find them in Outlook GAL or Exchange.

If we face such above kind of issues, Please follow the below steps in ADSIEDIT. (Please be aware while doing any modification through ADSIEDIT, because you’re doing modification in AD Database (NTDS.dit).

Update Assistant Name through ADSIEDIT: -

Run ---> Adsiedit.msc -----> Default Naming context ---->Navigate to Users OU ---->Right Click user Name ----->Find msExchangeAssistantName attribute and update the assistant name.

Check the above modification in Outlook GAL after active directory replication (15 minutes by default)