Monday, August 26, 2013

How to reconfigure Failed FileShare Witness Directory on Exchange 2010

Issue: -

Exchange 2010 File Share witness server/directory is not accessible.

Error Message: -

The operation has failed. “An error occurred while attempting to bring the resource File Share Witness (\\Exchfw.learnexchange\DAG01.learnexchange) online

Now my DAG displays a warning when I check the health of it.

WARNING: Database availability group ‘DAG01’ witness is in a failed state. The database availability group requires the witness server to maintain quorum. Please use the Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet to re-create the witness server and directory.

In this real world this situation may also arise if the server hosting the File Share Witness was being decommissioned, or if it had failed. Fortunately we can resolve the problem by specifying a new FSW for the DAG which I will demonstrate here.

Resolution: -

You can configure File share witness directory by configuring through Failover Cluster Manager and Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup cmdlet to re-create the witness server and directory.

Type 1

  1.  Open Failover Cluster Manager ---->Right Click DAG Name ---->More Actions ----->Configure Cluster Quorum Settings.

   2.  On  Quorum Configuration Option Select “Add or change the quorum witness”

  3.  On Quorum Witness select “Configure a file share witness”

  4.  On Configure File Share Witness Click Browse --->Select Server and File Share directory.

5.  Confirm the above change and Click Next to Finish the configuration.

  6.  Remove the old File share witness directory by selecting Yes.

  7.  After removed the Filed File share witness directory, the DAG Replication Health is passed.

Type 2:

Set-Databaseavailabilitygroup  -Identity “DAG01” –WintnessServer “” –WitnessDirectory “C:\WitnessDirectory”

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