Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Open Shared Sub Calendar in Outlook 2007 & 2010

It’s easy to share the default folders in your Microsoft Exchange mailbox just giving your co-worker permission to the folder. They can view the contents using the File, Open, Other user’s folder command. But sharing the subfolders requires a bit more effort as the subfolders are not accessible from the Open Other Users Folder dialog.

In order to share Outlook subfolders with another user, you need to give them the desired permission (at least Reviewer) to the folder and at least Folder visible permission to every Root folder above the shared subfolder.

Right click on the shared folder and choose Properties. Go to the permission tab and assign permission to the person you want to share with.

Every folder in the path above this folder needs to have at least Folder visible permission, up through the top level.
Before a person can view one of your folders, they need permission. If they are a Delegate to your mailbox (Tools, Options, Delegates) they may have permission to some or all of your mailbox folders.
1.  Right click on the folder you wish to share.

2.  Choose Properties, select the Permissions tab.

3.  If Default has Reviewer permission you won’t need to add individual names to the list unless they need more permissions than the Default account has.

4.  Click Add and select the names you want to share with from the Global Address List.

5.  Give them at least Reviewer permission so they have Folder visible permission.

6.  Click OK to close the dialog.

Repeat for each folder you wish to share.
If the person already has delegate access you won’t need to do anything more. If they do not have any access to your mailbox, you need to give them Folder visible permission to the mailbox.
1.  Right click on the mailbox root. This is the folder you click on to display Outlook Today.

2.  The Default account typically has no permission to the entire mailbox. You can either give the Default account Folder visible permission or click Add and select your co-worker’s name from the GAL.

3.  Check the Folder visible box only. The permission level remains set to None.
4.  Click Ok to exit the dialog

Opening the shared folder

Once the folder permissions are set, the person who the folders are shared with needs to add the mailbox to their profile, as a secondary mailbox.

1.  Go to Tools, Account Settings. (File, Account Settings in Outlook 2010 or 2013.)

2.  Select your Exchange account and clickChange (or double click)

3.  Click More Settings

4.  On the Advanced Tab, click Add

5.  Type all or part of the name of the mailbox that was shared with you. Select the correct name if presented with a list of names.

6.  Click Ok and work your way out of the dialogs and return to Outlook.
The mailbox you added is now in your folder list and the calendars you have permission to view will be listed in the Calendar pane. Any other folders that this user was given permissions to access will be visible in the folder list or appropriate modules.

Keep Visiting.