Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cannot open your default email folders. The information store could not be opened

Issue :

User not able to open outlook.

Error Message: -

Cannot open your default email folders. The information store could not be opened.

Error Statement: -

We can see basically this issue when there was any network issue between client and server and this error could show you when you use outlook Online mode but here the scenario is different. We can able to configure the outlook without any issue by MANUAL and AUTODISCOVER mode successfully but we getting same error message post new profile creation as well.

I have checked whether it’s related to any permission issue but it’s not because user able to access the Webmail without any issues.

Resolution: -

There any many methods available to resolve this issue on be different scenario’s. I have resolved the above issue followed by Method #4.

Method 1:

Start->Start Search >  then type the following -> "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane" without the quotes.

Method 2:

Check if Outlook is in a compatibility mode:

   1. Open My Computer ----->Local Disk C ------>Program Files----->Microsoft Office ----->Office 12-------->Outlook.exe.

   2. (If you are using a 64 bit machine, go to C:\Program Files x86\Microsoft Office>Office 12>Outlook.exe)

   3. Right click on Outlook.exe and click on Properties and then click on Compatibility tab. Check if you have any check mark in any of the compatibility mode options. Make sure you also click on the option "change settings for all users" tab at the bottom of the same screen and look for similar check boxes in the window.

  4. If you see any check boxes in the compatibility mode options, Uncheck all the boxes and click on Apply and OK.

  5. Try to open outlook again.

Method 3:

Try repairing Office. Check the link below.

Method 4:

Check what are the version of Microsoft office installed on the client machine (appwiz.cpl). In my scenario user system installed Microsoft office 2003 and 2007, So when we open the outlook it’s trying to connect office 2003 outlook instances but 2003 instance is not configure the mailbox settings, which is resulting the above error message.

To resolve the issue remove the office 2003 instance from client and restart the system.


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