Saturday, February 25, 2017

Install Exchange 2010 SP3 on Windows Server 2012 R2

In the last post (Install Exchange Pre-requisites)have installed all Exchange pre-requisites for Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2012 R2. In this post, we will install Exchange 2010.

Step 1: -  Extract Exchange 2010 SP3, Right Click “Setup.exe” select “Run as administrator”

 Step 2: -  Select option 4 – Install Microsoft Exchange.

Step 3: - Read the instruction and Click “Next”

Step 4: - Read the Microsoft License Agreement and Select “Next”

Step 5: - Select the Installation Type. In our example we will use the Typical Option, Select “Automatically install Windows Server roles and features required for Exchange”, click Next.

Step 6: - In Client Settings, select for your organization appropriate option and Click Next

Step 7: - In configure client access server for external domain section, enter external Web URL for your organization and it will be configured automatically for all exchange sites e.g OWA, Active-Sync, EWS and Outlook Anywhere, Click “Next”.

Step 8: In Customer Improvement Program section, select the appropriate option and Click Next

Step 9: - In Readiness Check, review whether you have any warning or errors, If so, take appropriate option to remediate the errors and run the installation again till you find all section are greed and select Install.

Step 10: - Review the completion page, once everything went successfully, close the installation page and reboot the system.

Install Exchange 2010 via Command line: -

Install all windows pre-requisites including Microsoft Office Filter Packs. Once everything is installed run the below command to install the exchange roles.

Navigate to the Exchange 2010 Setup folder via command. /Mode:Install /Roles:MB,HT,CA,MT

MB – Mailbox Role.
HT – Hub Transport Role.
CA – Client Access Server Role.
MT – Exchange Management Tool.

Valid you can able to open Exchange Management Console and Exchange Management Shell without any errors.